A to Z

Apply for a plot

Apply for permission (fruit trees, structures etc) – email secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk

Asbsestos – is banned from the site. If you find any on your plot, you must not re-bury it or put it in the skip. Please dispose of it appropriately.


Bamboo – is invasive. It is banned from the site, even in pots.

Bees – there are two beehives on the allotments, kept by members. In case of problems, contact details are here – Beehives on Cripley Meadow  – and on the Members’ notice board.

Beginner’s guide


Brambles (blackberries) – the Rules state that brambles may only be grown on headland, where it must be kept to 5ft maximum, or towards the middle of your plot where it must also be kept within reasonable bounds. It is not permitted on plot boundaries, including at the rear.


Cars and parking

Christmas trees – may not be planted in the soil, but may be kept on your plot in a pot.


Contact – the Committee page includes contact details for individual Commitee members, for general enquiries, it’s secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk.



Data protection


Diary dates

Environmental testing and pollution

Gardener’s year

GDPR – see Data protection

Health and Safety

History of Cripley Meadow Allotments

Joining Cripley Meadow Allotments

Leaving the Association

Maps of the site


Notice boards


Permissions (for fruit trees, structures etc) – email secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk

Plan of the site


Problems – if you have a problem or concern and can’t find the answer on the website, please speak to a Committee member, or get in touch via secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk.

Pruning – see Advice on Cripley Meadow Orchards re summer pruning



Safety and security


Site plan


Suspicious activity


Trading shop

Trees – see the Rules for what is and is not allowed, and how your trees must be managed.

Tyres – you must not bring old tyres onto the site or dispose of them in the skip.


Water harvesting

Weed identification and management


Working parties


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