Driving and parking

Here is a short summary for members on parking and driving. A fuller explanation of our policy can be found here.

A Site plan showing the location of parking spaces on site can be found here.



Limit car use

Reduces site noise and air pollution

Reduces costly wear to tracks

Keeps parking spaces for those with a real need

5 mph speed limit

Reduces risk of accident and nuisance to other members

Never drive when tracks wet or frosty

Tracks are disproportionately damaged when wet or frosty. Very expensive or impossible to repair.

Only park in spaces indicated on map. If full, use public car park.

Preserves access to tracks for all. Stops damage to grass verges, orchards etc

Regular drivers, use public car park (get £20 annual permit – see details at bottom of this page)

Only enough spaces on site for occasional users.

Stop on track by plots for unloading/loading then move to parking space

Allows members with heavy items to collect or drop while minimising problems for others and the site.

Your guests may not park on site. They may only drive on site if they are helping you to transport something heavy.

See the Deliveries page if you need access for a vehicle taller than the car park barrier.

Use of Walton Well Road car park – We are classed as an ‘affiliated club’ by the City Council, so members may apply for an annual season ticket for their Walton Well Road car park at a reduced rate. You apply directly to the Council. When they ask you for proof of membership you can get it by emailing secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk. Your concessionary permit is only valid when you are using the allotments. Note that the car park does fill up, especially when the weather is fine at weekends. Note also that the Council’s systems do not currently allow for reminders to be sent out, so do keep an eye on your permit’s expiry date and renew in good time.

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