Driving and parking

Members are permitted to bring their vehicles on site. You may not drive on grass paths. Our tracks are fragile and prohibitively expensive to improve so please only drive when there is no alternative. This is especially important when it is wet, frosty or snowy as the surface degrades more quickly in these conditions. In extreme weather, the Committee may issue a temporary ban on vehicles on site.

Fewer cars also means better air quality for all.

The site speed limit is 5mph. Remember,  children and dogs may dart out, or you may round the corner to find a member wrestling with an unwieldy barrow. Slower speeds also help to preserve the track surfaces.

See the section on Deliveries if you need access for a vehicle taller than the car park barrier.

Our rules do not allow for parking on paths or communal areas, other than for occasional loading/unloading. Valid parking spaces are

  • By the Green (not on it)
  • Plot 54 adjacent to the shed
  • by the gate
  • by the green association shed

Use of Walton Well Road car park – We are classed as an ‘affiliated club’ by the City Council, so members may apply for an annual season ticket for their Walton Well Road car park at a reduced rate. You will need proof of membership, which can be obtained by emailing secretary@cripleymeadow.org.uk. Your concessionary permit is only valid when you are using the allotments. Note that the car park does fill up, especially when the weather is fine at weekends.

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