Audit dates for the current season can be found in Diary Dates.

If you are struggling with your plot because of illness, family difficulties etc, please let the Committee know (via

The Audit process

The purpose of audits is to check that members are keeping to the rules. The definitive rules are on the Constitution and Rules page, but members may find it useful to refer to the Audit Quick Guide here.

On behalf of the whole Cripley Meadow community, our Audit lead keeps an eye on the site and alerts members to breaches of rules that need urgent action. In addition, twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, a team of Committee members carry out an audit check. Within a few weeks of the audit (it takes time to collate and check the results, ensure  appropriate Committee oversight and draft correspondence), the lead member for plots that need action is contacted with details of the problem(s) and a timescale for rectification.

In the vast majority of cases, members understand, and problems are rectified in a timely fashion. It is never the wish of the Committee to deprive anyone of membership, but that remains the sanction we must apply in the case of serious and/or longstanding issues that are not addressed. The whole Committee has oversight of the audit and its results, and any decision to remove membership is taken by the Committee as a whole. The Committee is elected annually and all members have a chance to influence the management of the site by standing for election.

Few of us would welcome receiving an email or letter from the Committee pointing out our shortcomings, but hopefully we would see it was fair. And if the Committee has got it wrong, we want to know. We also want to know if you are having problems maintaining your plot – we would far rather understand, and see what the options might be for managing the situation. We have found that, in all but very exceptional circumstances, we can find a solution.

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