Members are responsible for any damage to tracks, verges etc during their delivery, so please communicate, plan and supervise carefully.

Please bear in mind that the Walton Well car park barrier is 2.1m high. If you need access for an over-height vehicle, you must contact the Committee ( well in advance.

We have a key to the un-restricted barrier but only Committee members are allowed to use it, so we will need to arrange for one of us to be present for the entry and exit of the over-height vehicle. We will do our best to accommodate you at your preferred time, but please remember that committee members are volunteers with lives beyond Cripley Meadow! You must also be present for such deliveries.

Note also that delivery vehicles tend to be heavy and can only come on site when the tracks are in a suitable condition. When there is frost or standing water anywhere on site your delivery won’t be able to go ahead. Standing water on any plot indicates that the soil and gravels beneath our site are soaked; gravels tend to shift when soaked and this makes the tracks less stable and vulnerable to damage.

If you arrange a delivery when the weather is changeable, it is at your own risk. Access is at the discretion of the committee member assisting your delivery.

We appreciate that it is annoying to have to wait, or re-arrange if delivery is agreed and then weather conditions change unexpectedly, but we hope you will understand the need to conserve tracks that were not built for today’s heavy traffic, and are expensive to maintain and repair.

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