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Update October 2020 – Allotments nationally have benefited from a surge of membership applications during the Covid emergency, and Cripley Meadow is no exceptioon. Until recently, we had been able to accommodate new membership requests within a few weeks, but unfortunately the site is now full and we have a waiting list. The Committee is striving to find more plots so that no-one has to wait too long, but it is going to take time.
Please express your interest by emailing and we will let you know what the up-to-date situation is.


Plots of all sizes are regularly available at Cripley Meadow, and usually our waiting list isn’t too long.

If you would like to apply, please email We will invite you to come on a tour of the site, usually on a Sunday, led by one of our Committee members. We will show you the site, explain how it is managed and discuss the best match between your available time and experience, and the plots available.

Once you and we have agreed a suitable plot, you will be emailed an offer which will include details about the plot, initial and annual costs and how to pay, links to the Constitution and Rules to which you must adhere, and a membership form for you to complete. When we have received payment and the form, we will contact you so you can collect your key.

Membership goes from the end of one March to the next. You can join anytime during the year but we do not do part-year payments.

The site has plots in a range of sizes from small beds on communal plots (the smallest being c. 21’ x 6’) to large 12 pole plots. The plot fee varies from about £22.50 to £45 a year plus 50p for membership of Oxford’s allotment umbrella group, the ODFAA. Note that plot fees are set to increase by 50% then a further 20% over the next two years. Only signed-up members can have a key and there is a one-off, refundable £25 key deposit. You are allowed to share your key with family/friends (‘co-workers’). We expect all members to do 2 hours per year community work on the site via our monthly Sunday morning working parties (or pay £20 annually in lieu). We manage two Communal Orchards for the benefit of our members and this community work is necessary for its maintenance as well as work around the site. We could not manage the site without this help.

All prospective plot holders are advised that keeping an allotment takes a regular commitment of time and energy. Most members visit their plot weekly. We all have busy times, dramas and holidays but during the growing season a couple of weeks’ absence will result in a weedy plot that will be a nuisance to your neighbours. The Committee audits plots three times a year to ensure problems are dealt with quickly and fairly. Persistent failure to use or maintain a plot in accordance with the rules can put membership at risk. Whilst the amount of time needed to manage a plot varies according to size, all need to be regularly tended and it is important to be realistic about how much time you can dedicate when you think about applying for a plot.

We hope to see you soon on one of our tours, and that you will join us in growing delicious, sustainable, seasonal food on Cripley Meadow.

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