Trading shop

The Committee set up a shop on site to reduce prices for members through bulk buying, to reduce vehicles on site and to help members who do not have access to a car. Committee member Sarah Edwards manages the shop.
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the shop is only open by appointment. Members are welcome to contact Sarah to request a one-off sale. She will see people one at a time and agree in advance the most appropriate payment method. To contact Sarah:   07960 352787.  A small team of members helps Sarah on an occasional basis. Remember that the shop is run by volunteers who may become ill with little or no notice. 

The shop items and price list is here, as well as on the noticeboard and in the shop. Usually, we share spare, donated seeds for free in the shop, but not during the Covid pandemic.

Where is our shop? It is the concrete shed on the South Field. To reach the shop from the main gate, walk all the way down the track next to the flats. Then walk on the grass next to the metal boundary fence until the fence turns right. Follow the fence for a few meters and you’ll see the concrete shed which is the shop. It’s by the big ash tree.  Alternatively, approach down the main central track and turn left after plot 115. You will see the concrete shed by the ash tree.

If you refer to the site plan on our Maps page, you can just about see the tiny writing that says “Trading sheds” – between plots 115 and 119, by the blue W on the bottom left-hand side of the plan.

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