Trading shop

Committee member Sarah Edwards manages our trading. The Committee set up the enterprise to reduce prices for members through bulk buying, to reduce vehicles on site and to help members who do not have access to a car. A small team of members helps Sarah on a rota basis.

The shop items and price list is here, as well as on the noticeboard and the shop. In addition, we encourage members to share spare seeds – veg, herbs or flowers. Please bring them to the trading shop. If you’d like some free seeds, come and see what there is – even if you don’t have any to share yet.

Where is our shop? It is the concrete shed on the South Field – once through our main gates, keep heading straight on to the far end of the site, until you are opposite the last block of flats, by the ash tree.  There, on the main path, you should see the sign to the shop (on your left).

Opening hours The shop generally opens on Sundays from 11am – 12noon. We expect to close during August and from December until early Spring. For updates and changes, please see the members’ noticeboard and monthly newsletters. If you cannot attend at the usual time, you are welcome to contact one of the volunteers to arrange a one-off sale: Sarah or 07960 352787 or Sara Sarah is also happy to do sales when she is on her plot, which is 120, right next to the shop.  Please note that we may close in bad weather.




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