A skip is periodically provided by the main entrance gate for allotment waste that cannot be processed or disposed of in any other way. Please take your recyclables home and, before putting anything in the skip, consider if there are other ways of disposing of the item. Remember…

  • Some of the skip’s contents go to landfill.
  • Skip hire is expensive – it’s one of our major discretionary costs.

In the past a skip was provided year-round but this became prohibitively expensive so, to reduce costs, a skip will now only be provided intermittently for short periods during peak allotment months. Members are asked to keep all rubbish destined for the skip on their plots until a skip arrives. Rubbish must not be left in the skip area.

If you need guidance on how to dispose of common allotment items (eg pernicious weeds, brambles and other difficult to compost matter, rotten wood, bricks, etc), please consult the Cripley Meadow guide to waste management.

Things you can put in the skip:

Broken glass, panes of glass, rotten carpet, cracked/torn black plastic, broken plastic flower pots and plant trays, broken polystyrene plant trays, painted wood, broken tools, old roofing felt. Please squash things down as much as possible so that we are not paying to dispose of air. Also, be mindful of light things blowing out (plastic can end up in the nearby river).

Things you MUST NOT put in the skip (they are specifically prohibited by our skip supplier):

TVs/monitors, plasterboard, asbestos, batteries, car tyres and rubber wheels, medical waste, fluorescent tubes, gas cylinders, electrical items, solvents, paint tins (oil and acrylic), fuels (petrol or diesel) and oils, fridges.

Note: You must not bring anything on-site purely to dispose of it in the skip. This is dumping. It is illegal and could lead to your eviction.

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