Bagged manure

You can buy rotted manure by the bag from our trading shop. If you require a large quantity or need the bags delivered to your plot, please consider buying from CMAA’s preferred supplier, Tom Wilson (Wilgrow, Tel: 0800 0430124). He has a smaller vehicle (which you need to request) that does not require the barrier to be opened, so you will only need to open the main gate for him.

If you are ordering manure or compost from another supplier be aware that deliveries to the site are constrained by the height barrier on the carpark (2.1 metres), the weight limit on the bridge over the stream (7.5 tonnes) and the need to avoid damage caused by unsuitably large vehicles manoeuvring on our narrow tracks. Please try to arrange your delivery in a vehicle which will go through the normal car park entrance (e.g. a small transit van) or if this is not possible aim for a light goods vehicle or smaller 2-axle lorry, preferably of no more than 3.5 tonnes (lorries larger than this may be  unable to safely manoeuvre round the site).

Only the three committee members who are key holders can open and close the barrier so if you need a delivery vehicle with a height in excess of 2.1 metres you must contact at least 7 days in advance of your proposed delivery date so that she can check if a key holder is available.

Before arranging any delivery, please read the full CMAA  guidance on deliveries.

Loose manure

Members have also arranged to have manure delivered by the load from local farmer, David Haynes (07961 925952). Mr Haynes uses a large tractor for deliveries so you will need to arrange for the car park barrier to be opened (see above).

Note also, for some plots, their position relative to the track means that the manure has to be dropped onto the track rather than directly onto the plot itself. In this case, you must cover the track first (e.g. with tarp or black plastic sheeting) so that no manure is left on the track after you have finished moving it. When this has not been done, we have found that weed seeds get a hold very quickly and start breaking the track surface down. 


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