Sheds, poly tunnels, structures

If you are considering putting up any new or replacement structure on your plot (for example, a shed, greenhouse, poly tunnel or well), you must first apply for permission to the Committee. This is because your structure could have an adverse impact on your neighbours (for example, by shading, or by insecure structures blowing across the site in high winds), for future occupants of your plot (for example, concrete foundations, asbestos and glass are not permitted, wells must be raised and covered), or simply be against the fundamental point of allotment land – growing food.

This page expands on the section on structures in our constitution (section 6.5). Before you commit yourself to any purchase, please read section 6.5 of the constitution and all the information below. Then email, with details of the plot number, the proposed structure’s dimensions, materials, foundations and siting on the plot (a sketch showing the proposed location in relation to your plot and that of your neighbours – doesn’t need to be fancy. A drawing on a piece of paper, photographed on our mobile and attached to the email will suffice). The Committee will consider your application at its next meeting, and you will be informed of the outcome within a few days.

No structure can be on a site or plot path, or be so close as to make mowing difficult.

Note that trampolines, climbing frames and other large play equipment are not permitted on plots.

Poly tunnels and greenhouses can be sited anywhere on your plot, but you must consider the impact of your structure on your neighbours, and on mowing. As stated in the Constitution, poly tunnels and greenhouses must not exceed 20% of the area of the plot, and must not exceed 6ft 6in (2.13m) in height. They must be securely anchored into the ground (we have found that poly tunnels simply weighed down with heavy stones will still lift during high winds and cartwheel across the site).

There are special rules for sheds. Full-sized and half-sized plots, and some small plots come with ‘shed rights’. Details will probably have been included in your original offer letter. You still need to apply for permission. Full plots are allowed a shed up to 6ftx8ft (or metric equivalent), half-plots are allowed up to 6ftx4ft (or metric equivalent). Sheds must be erected on the shed line (the shed line makes sure that sheds line up across the site and cast shadows on each other, rather than growing space). This is usually at the end of the plot furthest away from the track.

Some smaller plots come with access to a communal shed (details in your original offer letter).

You are expected to include rainwater harvesting and storage arrangements in your plans for any new/replacement shed.

Any size plot can have a tool storage box (a tool storage box does not need permission).

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