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Covid-19 – summary 15th April 2021 
At our March Committee meeting, we determined that we should, from now on, follow the National Roadmap.  We are now in Roadmap’s Step 1B which allows for the ‘rule of 6’ or two households to meet outside. Our prior limit of 4 people per plot including one guest is relaxed and the national rule applies.
At our April Committee meeting, we decided to re-open The Green and all communal areas. 
Please continue to be respectful of your fellow members and our neighbours, use your common sense and be aware that those on plots around you may be/feel vulnerable. Continue to socially distance with others as you move to and from your plot. Continue to sanitise at the Gate, or wear gloves.
As before, do not come on site if you or someone in your household has tested positive or exhibiting symptoms. And, as ever, you are not allowed on other people’s plots or plot paths without their permission.
On 18th April 2020, Oxford City Council banned bonfires on allotments for the duration of the Covid-19 emergency to avoid smoke causing problems for people with breathing difficulties. Although this blanket ban has been lifted, we are adopting a precautionary approach – you may have a gas or designated charcoal BBQ (dome or grill-type) on your plot but no bonfire, fire pit, chiminea etc. Remember: complaints about smoke from neighbours could lead to a total ban on fires on the site, so please be responsible. The communal bonfire area is now open – please place your woody waste (no weeds) on the bottom tarp and cover with the top one to keep it dry. The Committee will burn it when the wind is favourable.
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