Update May 2021

At the moment, we are not allowed to have fires on our plots. We can have a gas BBQ, or a charcoal BBQ in designated equipment (domed, ‘Weber style’ or grill type).  No other burning of any kind on plots at the moment –  we may not burn woody waste, use chimineas, fire pits etc. 

The background – Oxford City Council banned all bonfires on allotment sites on 18th April 2020 because of Covid (so many working from home, home schooling, and with Covid being a respiratory disease). Although the blanket ban is now lifted we need to avoid complaints about smoke provoking a permanent ban for all fires on site. We could not manage our site without the ability to burn woody waste.

Members are invited to bring their dry woody waste (nothing wet and no weeds) to the Communal Bonfire Area on the NW corner of the site (i.e. furthest away from housing). Please place on the bottom tarp and cover with the top one so it’s kept dry. The Committee will arrange to burn it when the wind is in the right direction.  We are governed by the City Council’s policy and our Constitution and Rules (section 6.7.1).

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