Site & facilities

Our Good Waste Guide includes an A-Z of waste facilities.

Communal water tanks – there are a number of large water tanks by the stream and behind the green Association shed. All members are expected to harvest rainwater on their own plots. Communcal tanks are available to members whose plots are too small for rainwater collection, and for emergencies. We do not guarantee that these tanks will always have water in them (they have to be manually filled), so it is in members’ interests to maximise water self-sufficiency.

The Green – the Green is available for all to use. There is a brick BBQ there, and picnic tables. You do not need to ask permission in advance and are welcome to bring guests onto the site (bearing in mind that you are responsible for them for the duration of their visit, and that there are no loos on Cripley Meadow!)

Communal orchards – members are welcome to visit Cripley Island orchard; it is a beautiful and peaceful spot. The fruit there, and in the orchard by Castle Mill flats, is picked at working parties in the autumn and made available to all members. You are allowed to take and eat the odd apple in passing. Any other harvesting of communal fruit is against the rules.

Trading shop

Bonfire area and incinerator



Wheelbarrows – there are a number of CMAA wheelbarrows by the green Association shed on the North-West corner of the site. Members may borrow these for use on their plot but please return them before you go home so that other members and the Working Party can use them.

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