Here is a site plan/map showing plot numbers and parking locations.

There is only one way into the site: via the main gate, which can be accessed either via the Port Meadow South car park at the west (Port Meadow) end of Walton Well Road, or via Roger Dudman Way (pedestrians and cycles only, daylight hours only). See the Aerial view.

If coming via Walton Well Road, you need to come into the car park and, with the flats in front of you, look for the little bridge across the stream. You should be able to see the main gate beyond the little bridge. If coming via Roger Dudman Way, come to the very end of the roadway, come through a gate after the last block of flats, round the bend and you will see the allotment gates on your left.

Map showing the location of Cripley Meadow Allotments (pedestrian and vehicle access is via Walton Well Road. During daylight hours, bikes and pedestrians can also come via Roger Dudman Way).

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