The Committee

The Committee is elected annually at the AGM, and meets monthly (apart from December); please see the Calendar for details. The current Committee is Chair Wendy Skinner Smith, Vice Chair and Secretary Manda Joyce, Treasurer Sara Jones in the process of handing over to Jamie Forbes, and Committee members: Alex Hollingsworth, Emma Delap, Sarah Edwards,  Keith Holton, Jeremy Hyde,  Christine Melia, Tia Sedley, Phyllis Starkey and Julia Popescu. More details can be found below.

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Chair Wendy Skinner Smith became a member on Cripley Meadow around 1976. She was elected to the Committee in 2003 and became Chair in 2005. She is on Plots 40 and 41, which she shares with her husband, Rodney. She does membership tours and plot offers, writes the newsletter, and liaises with our landlord, Oxford City Council. She manages our mowing and compost turning, organises site work and working parties. She is also chair of ODFAA.


manda committee pictureVice Chair and Secretary Manda Joyce became Vice Chair in 2019, was elected to the committee in 2017 after becoming a member in 2016 on Plot 72. She manages the committee’s agenda, minutes, correspondence, our membership records and members keys. She edits and sends out the newsletter. She wrote our Good Waste Guide, developed our data protection policy and, in 2019, moved the website to its new platform and now manages it.


Sara Jones – Sara became Treasurer in 2015 and a trustee in 2016, having joined Cripley Meadow in 2014 on Plot 71. She manages our finances, organise subscriptions and renewals and the keeps Working Party attendance record. Contact Sara Jones After 4 years as Treasurer, Sara wanted a change of responsibility and is currently handing over to…

jamie… Jamie Forbes, who became a member in 2006 on Plot 63 and a committee member in 2007. He has recently agreed to take over the Treasurer role from Sara. He also does working parties, builds and maintains our notice boards and organises machinery repair and petrol. He is the central figure in all Cripley Meadow social events, supplying and managing the food, drink and barbecue.


Emma Delap was elected as a committee member in 2015. She became a plot holder on Plot 1a in 2013. Emma organises our machinery safety paperwork, committee keys, deliveries and shed and member permissions for shed, structures, trees.




Sarah Edwards became a member in 2012 on Plot 120 and was elected to the committee 2014. Sarah manages our trading shop and is responsible for the buying and delivery of products. She reports to the committee monthly. She manages shop opening with a small team.


alexAlex Hollingsworth, former Vice Chair, became a trustee in 2016, having been a member since 2006 (plots 81/82) and committee member since 2007. He attends working parties and helps with our stall at the Jericho Street Fair.



keithKeith Holton joined the committee in 2015 having been a plotholder since 1980 on plots 130/131. He has seen many changes on Cripley Meadow and his inclusion means the committee will span 5 decades. He does working parties and deliveries and organises our skip deliveries. Keith hosts our committee meetings


imag5635aJeremy Hyde became, a committee member in 2010 and a member in 2006 on Plot 91. He manages the Association Shed area and is responsible for our health and safety information. In 2016 he project managed our badger fence project.  Jeremy works for the committee for one day a month doing site work. He does working parties and audits. As part of his monthly contractor  work he has installed our water butts, fire bin, petrol container and he built the BBQ on the Green.

20190518_123830 christineChristine Melia became a member on Plot 5a in 2015 having applied for a plot as an interested beekeeper. We no longer had an active hive on site and she quickly established the bees and donated delicious Cripley Meadow honey to our stall at the Jericho Fair. She was elected as a committee member at the 2019 AGM. She is working on our asset maintenance plan.




Julia Popescu became a member on 86a in 2017 and rapidly transformed its cultivation. She was co-opted as our Castle Mill representative in October 2019. She is in the process of taking on a larger plot, 127, for 2020.


Picture1Tia Sedley took plot 32 in 2017 when it was covered as it had been underused for some years and perennial nettle and bramble had overtaken at the back. Tia has begun the exciting challenge of growing and harvesting. She was elected as a committee member at the 2019 AGM and has recently become our Field Secretary and Audit Lead.


Picture2Phyllis Starkey took plot SF7 early in 2018 when it was partly covered. Our records show that Phyllis had plot 10 on Cripley Meadow in the early 1980s. Her present plot is now well stocked and she has replaced the plastic cover with green manure. She was elected as a committee member at the 2019 AGM. Phyllis has a keen eye for detail and has proposed a code of conduct to add to our constitution when next amended.



rodneyRodney Smith is on Plot 40 and is co-opted to help with orchards and projects. He is working on installing a solar powered drip feed for site water butts.


Anna Benn is co-opted to help with pruning the espaliers.



richardRichard is on Plot 15/16 and is co-opted for site spraying. He is also one of a team of members who help fill communal water butts when we have droughts.

Wendy, Alex, Sara and Manda are the Trustees of the Association.

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